Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Sticking with Resolutions

I believe in resolutions. I think they add great value to our lives. It's a chance to take a stand. A chance to make change in your life. A chance to address something you've been meaning to do but for some reason or another never got around to it.

I find it pretty stinking amazing that as humans we can change things about ourselves. That we can do inner work to bring out our true beings. Or we can work on our outer appearances and health. We possess the ability to be ourselves. Our true, unique and beautiful selves.

In keeping with resolutions, I'm resolving to get my book out. I know, I know. I've said that before. But I'm ready to do what's necessary to get it up and published. I read a book titled, "The Happiness Project" in which a woman decided to bring more happiness in her life by addressing major themes in her life each month. January: Boost Energy. February: Remember Love. March: Aim Higher. April: Lighten Up. May: Be Serious About Play. June: Make Time for Friends. etc. I liked her creative approach so I decided to apply her Happiness Project to my book project.

And in keeping with all good resolutions (or at least increasing the chances of them actually manifesting), I'm sharing them with you.

January: Resolutions.
February: Love.
March: Expiration Dates and Birthdays.
April: My drive and impact in the world.
May: Appreciation.
June: Remembrance and wanting to quit - everything.
July: Renewed enthusiasm and spirit.
August: Focusing on Goals and being opened up.
September: The Accident.
October: A Year of Firsts.
November: Giving Thanks and Recognizing Gifts.
December: Healing in Colorado over the holidays.

Here's to being that small 12% who actually make their New Year's Resolutions stick. Oh, and I think I'm going to find myself a writing coach. Why not?!

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Cameron said...

I loved the happiness book! It made me want to change my life too-and I am taking a writing class with Lee Gukind who is well known in creative nonfiction and memoir circles. I'm so excited!