Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Jump Start the Life of Your Dreams in 2013!

Do you find yourself questioning the meaning life? Why you were put on this planet? What your life purpose and how you're trying to figure out how to align the many things in your life to it?
You are not alone. I think we all face this at one time or another. Or maybe many times in our life for that matter. Possibly many times in one day!
Do you find yourself staying awake at night, pondering what's out there? What's in store? What's my beating heart beating for?
Or maybe you know your life purpose. You know you were put on this planet to get your heart rate up, to raise those kids, to be a fantastic lover, friend and mentor. But you're having a hard time balancing it all. It's hard to strike that perfect balance between all of the things that pull at us in life.
You are not alone.
I am here to help. To help you discover your life purpose, to explore who you are as a unique, resourceful and amazing individual. To hold your hand and be a witness. To hold space and coach you through difficult times, celebrate the good times and enhance your overall experience
Together we will explore what makes you tick and align you with a crew of support. We will do inner work that is deep and rich and rewarding beyond measure. I will equip you with tools to apply happiness and a fresh perspective toward whatever challenges may arise in your life. The choice is yours for the making.
Ready to go for it? Wonderful! My rates are $100 a month for two 45 minute phone calls at a mutually agreed upon time. Need a sample to see if coaching is right for you? I provide free 1/2 hour sessions.
If you or someone you know would like to see the many benefits of life coaching, please contact me today.
Happy 2013!

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