Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Going from left brain to right.

How open to learning are you? Do you take time each day to allow for space and time? To sit back and feel grounded, to connect with your inner self?

"In an age where our attentions are stretched to the limit and then some...." How often I've heard those type of sentences state we're short on time and pulled in a million directions to get things done. It's easy to be in a state of panic each day if you let your attention be pulled. And realistically, how can it not? It takes a conscious effort and choice to stop, pause and really reflect why we're here. What our purpose is and how we're living each day to honor those choices.

I admit, even earlier this morning I was in a whirlwind of panic. Building a new business from the ground up is overwhelming, scary and exhilarating. I have my moments when I wonder why I'm doing this. Why did I choose this path? It's hard and I have to put in a lot of intention and effort to make it happen. It would be easy to go back to a regular paying job with a steady paycheck. One where I clock in and wait for my time to pass so I can get back to the things I love. Wait a minute, I think I'm onto something....

Clock in and wait for time to pass so I can get back to the things I love.

How is that honoring living in the now?

Even when I was working at the Market, my head and heart wasn't there. I knew I was compromising what I was put on this planet to do. To help others. To inspire them to live the life of their dreams. And if I'm going to talk, I better do the walk. Living in the now is a choice.

My last Market shift was just before Christmas. I'm all in now. I'm putting in the time, bringing my true authentic self to the table every day. And I wake up with an enormous smile on my face and joy in my heart, knowing what I'm doing is making a difference. That I'm aligning my life with my passion and know deep down that you can achieve anything you put your mind and heart to.

Today I was reminded that sometimes though, even the entrepreneur needs some inspiration. Sometimes you need to tap back into that right creative brain space that gets buried when you're left brain is trying to make things work. Or rather, forcing them to work. The moment I stood back, took pause and connected with my inner purpose - peace washed over me. That's it! That's why I'm doing this! To make the world a better place and connecting community through conversation.

So if you find yourself in a whirlwind of left brain activity, stop. Go to your favorite spot in your mind and feel the connection to the Universe. Know that you're doing your best and that you are connected in so many ways. Shed yourself of judgement and comparison, bring your true self and everything is going to be amazing.

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