Thursday, January 10, 2013

Being with Gold

Sometimes you strike gold in the place you least expect it.

We had a rest day today. Lots of lounging, lots of stories, lots of laughter and at time, close to tears. I had the honor of spending the afternoon with two new friends, Rachael and Kara. Both amazing women, both blind. We shared our stories and our truths - the ones that come after learning life lessons. Each one shared with me their blindness. Each one patient as I asked questions. They were both open to my inquiry and taught me about their beautiful unique lives.

After a warm meal, surrounded by Olympians and Paralympians, we shared more stories. Enticed by a piano playing in the background, the three of us women were drawn to the music. And it was there, as we listened to an Olympic rower fumble with the keys and feel his way into the sounds of the piano that I saw it. That glimmer of gold. Those moments you cherish in your heart.

The Moonlight Sonata tickled our ears. We could have stayed there all night. It was nice to just sit. To absorb it into our senses. To just be.

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