Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Yo yo!

Wow, that travel and racing took more out of me then I thought it would. Since friday, i've been readjusting to the pacific coast time zone and getting my body recovered and ready for the next big hit in a little over a week. My evenings in comfy Carson are spent with very little activity - both mentally and physically. It is still amazing to me how much training and racing takes it out of you and now that I'm even more singulary focused, i have become an expert at doing nothing, which thankfully translates to going faster on the bike when it counts.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

On sunday evening i went to my uncle's house in corona del mar. I hadn't spent much time with him since I was a kid and we were one big happy family, so it was nice to reconnect with him and my cousins, who are 8 and 10 years old. His house is incredible - something that would out cribs to shame. And he started asking questions about why i do what I do. Why do I push my body? And we came to the conclusion that I am wired differently then most people I know. Yet somehow i've been able to surround myself with others of a similar interest in cycling.

I digress.

The weather down in la has been amazing, mid seventies during the day and about mid fifties at night. This is making what is typically a hard time of year for me a lot a easier to take. If only they had more trees and greens down here....

Last night I had a wacky dream, a testament that I am living and breathing cycling. I dreamt i lined up for a team pursuit with Sarah and Kim. Sarah was in the starting position, kim second, myself third. The countdown was on and that's when i realized instead of a bike, I was starting on a black bar stool on wheels. As the countdown continued, i panicked and thought how lame it would be to try and keep up with those two on a rolling stool. So i false started, and i looked down to see Sarah false starting as well by getting off her bike while it was in the starting gates. She and Kim continued the effort though, as i headed to the infield to sulk about my stool and i looked up to see sarah lapping Kim for the second time. Strange.

Too funny.

This week we have some efforts, though not a ton since we're balancing tapering and recovery with getting ready for columbia. I leave next Monday on another amazing adventure!

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