Saturday, December 11, 2010

Second breakfast

On a morning ride this morning with Kim, food became the topic of discussion. Big surprise, right? We both admitted that the biggest reason we do this sport, get up and pedal our bikes when most people are sleeping in and relaxing is so that we can eat not just one breakfast, but two.

Oh second breakfast, how I look forward to you each morning. With the biggest decision of the day concerning what I should have - another breakfast or lunch type of item - I get to run through possible scenarios and yummy foods on my ride home.

I know, weird. Right? But those of you how pedal a lot know exactly how exciting the second meal of the day means. Yum!

A little down time this afternoon and then we're headed to the track for an evening session. I'm excited for the final track workout before heading out on the next adventure to Columbia on Monday!

Mmmmmm..... French toast.

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Eric Remlinger said...

Second Breakfast is probably one of the best ideas ever!