Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Excess baggage

(I'm playing catch up...)

Excess baggage....

Well today's check in was an experience. Traveling with a double bike box is always challenging, and today was no exception. Also included in the circus act was the added performance of traveling with 4" drum steel rollers, which took up the majority of the weight. The rest of the enormous suitcase i borrowed from Gary is pretty much empty. At check in, I even put ten pounds of clothing and cycling shoes in my carry on, last minute, since it weighed in over 52 pounds.  Oh the glamorous and exotic lifestyle of a cyclist, you should be jealous.

Dear TSA, please be careful with my oversized, over weight, pain in the butt bike box. I know that's a lot to ask, but if you could just avoid throwing it around like a gorilla when I'm watching, I'd appreciate it. Oh, and by the way, you might not want to open that beast as it is a puzzle piece to put back together. 


Next stop: Miami! Next, next stop: Cali, Columbia.

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