Friday, August 20, 2010

Skate King

Let me take you back. Way back. Back to the shag carpet era. Back to skating around in circles with eight wheels beneath you. To the carpeted walls, disco balls, florescent lights and pop music. To glow sticks, burnt pop corn, questionable corn dogs and over priced sodas. To sweat filled rental skates and big toe blisters from going around only in left hand turns....

To a place that hasn't changed its interior design in 25-30+ years... a place called SKATE KING. It still smells the same- sweaty feet inside leather skates. Who knows what funk grows inside of those old shoes.

Oh yeah. And as an adult it's quite a scene, let me tell you. Trannies, mobsters, old guys with mullets, tank tops and mad hustle.... pig tails, black lights. Backward skates, break dancing on the floor. It was like taking a trip through time. Suddenly I felt 8 again.

Thursday nights. Bellevue. 18 and over only.

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