Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've been coveting the TK1 Felt dream machine for months. Ever since I first saw one a couple of years ago, I've had fantasy of owning one. First Kenny showed up with one at the track, nearly two years ago. Then Jo showed up with hers, and I drooled. Then Bret. Then Val, my Madison partner. And then Jason at FSA Grand prix.

I tried to find a bike that would fit me like a glove. I've really tried. From Bianchi, to Naked, to Tiemeyer to Blue. The Tiemeyer came the closest to fitting me but yet something just wasn't quite right....

And when a friend of a friend said I could get my hands on the hottest machine on the market right now? I finally pulled the trigger. It came last Monday. It was missing a part but I was able to ride and race it on Friday and I am in love.

And there's no comparison. It is the ultimate machine. It accelerates like nothing else. It tracks like nothing else. I love it, I love it, I love it. It gives me that giddy child like feeling on the bike again. And in a few hours I get to happily punish myself on it again. I can't wait.

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