Friday, August 13, 2010

"If you watch water flowing down a river or stream, you will see that it always finds a path. It finds its own path, even if there are big rocks, branches, or logs along the way. Without stopping to worry, the water flows around rocks and other obstacles. It keeps flowing toward its destination. You can flow around obstacles, barriers, worries, or setbacks in your day or life, just like a river. There are ways around or through almost all obstacles if you relax and let yourself flow. So if you are ever discouraged or upset about something, imagine that you are a little stream or powerful river. You are like the water flowing gently down that river. Allow yourself to relax and flow. Let your relaxation and calmness flow you around the obstacles and through the worries toward your destination.

Continue to believe in yourself along the way.
Continue to believe in what you are doing.
Continue to believe in your own value.
Continue to flow along even if there are obstacles.
Follow your own path."

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