Monday, August 09, 2010

I am tired as it was an exhausting weekend. Yet a deep satisfied smile spreads across my face as I am either delirious or just found the key to the puzzle. For now I'll run with finding the key...

Lots of things happened this weekend and the outcome is fantastic. In my over analytical thought pattern, which has been keeping me up at night, I finally let it go. Let the ego, the emotional turmoil, the stress, the pent up anxiety - all of it - just released. And it feels good. Really, really good.

Like suddenly the smog lifted, the clouds parted, the beauty emerged and I smile realizing it was always there. It was always within myself, the gift of eternal happiness. The sunny side up feeling - living each moment we have to the fullest. It's intoxicating to really feel this way.

Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.

PS - I think a little of this feeling had to do with attending Van Morrison's concert last night at the Gorge... thanks Van. That show rocked.

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