Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the verge...

Do you ever feel like you're on the edge of discovering something? That you feel like something is just on the tip of your tongue; the match that will light the fire; the plateau you've been hoping to overcome and move beyond?

Well I'm there. I'm on the edge of a tipping point and have great hopes of unlocking my potential. I know it's there - but it's just a matter of digging deeper when the going gets tough. Blocking out that little voice of doubt that begins to start shouting at you. It is too easy to give into it - and really hard to change your mind frame. But damn it, I'm ready for change. And knowing where to begin is half the battle.

Breaking out of routine is the hardest part. Going up a climb, seeing people pass you, returning to the same mind set of concentrating on how slow you are - that's got to change. I know that if I'm there for the finish and it comes down to a bunch sprint, I'll give those ladies a run for the money. But most of my battle comes in getting to the line.

This weekend was another great training race. But I'm starting to realize that looking at every race as training is not the right mind set. I need to come to the line ready to throw down - go the full 3 rounds and potentially getting the TKO. What have I got to lose?

Thank you for all the encourage me and help me get on the right path. I'm nearing a break through - I can sense it. And I look forward to showing you my full potential.

More to come on Walla Walla soon.


Gilby said...

You know you deserve to be in that finishing sprint! Loud as the voice of that Mister Self-Doubt might be, you know he's silly. Love those hills with your head & your heart just like you love the sprint, and your body will just have to follow suit! ;)

Juicey said...

Thanks Gilby! I appreciate the kind words of encouragement. :)