Friday, April 25, 2008

lil' updation

This week's rest week was perfectly timed. I've sat on the bike maybe 3 hours since Sunday and my body is feeling rejuvenated. Good thing - this weekend boasts both a TT in Black Diamond and a 66 mile race out in Elma.

So what did I do in my spare time you ask?

I baked two cakes for two birthday celebrations. Hung out with some old friends of Ryan's and listened to them banter back and forth all night (pretty much laughed from 6pm to midnight, two nights this week). Listened to the hubby and his climbing buddies get super amped for a big climbing session out at Index this weekend. Swap war stories of the joys of cycling versus the joys of climbing with Ai. Read a book on motivation and being a warrior. Did minimal updates on my blog (sometimes you need a rest week from that too...). Got some new duds for spring. Started planning for a summer extravaganza of racing.

Oh - and I pulled the plug on racing at Hood. I know, I know. But truth be told - I'm not the best climber and would STRUGGLE big time with that race. Good luck to all of you who are venturing there!

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Christine said...

Ok, so if no Hood, how about Burnaby May Days?? (;