Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Busy Tuesday!

Woke up to bright sunshine peering in my front windows beckoning me to get on my bike before the 50% chance of rain decided to hit Seattle. It was a little chilly out this morning - but there's nothing like the smell of the lake and spring flowers to perk you right up! One mistake though - I decided to roll back through the arboretum to check out the damage from the bus last week and was swamped with cars making their morning commute onto the 520 bridge. I inhaled some serious exhaust just to see how wrecked the little bridge was. And no, it didn't look that bad. Cough, cough sputter sputter.

This morning has been filled with figuring out my track racing schedule for the summer. The National Sports Center Velodrome in Blaine, MN is hosting a weekend long event in early June and is trying to get more ladies to attend. Plus I've been looking into other AVC's, nationals, etc - it's going to be a fun summer! And it's hard to believe preseason racing at Marymoor starts in 10 days!

Luckily this is a rest week and I can relax and take it easy...


Gilby said...

I'm so glad you are considering the NSC event! I am sure we can find host housing if that is a factor.

I'm hoping to make it to at least one big out of state event, just have to decide which one. I had so much fun at the FSA Grand Prix last year!

Beth said...

hope you come to our AVC at hellyer june 20-21st again this year. now that i've had more than three track races, i am sure i will enjoy the racing more too! (yikes, i didn't even know how much over my head i was in last year!)