Thursday, October 25, 2007

One for the books

Yesterday's ride was a test of will. Going from a 72 degree day and then dipping back into the mid forties with rain was certainly a challenge. Even rolling down the bumpy Burke made every bump and stick I hit feel like I should turn around. But oh, it's just the winter slog and realistically not all that bad. Hours upon hours of zone 2 riding. Luckily the weather is cooler and making the muscles move beyond that zone is nearly impossible.

Let's see... if I average 15 hours per week for the next 9 weeks till Christmas, that's 135 wet soggy hours in the saddle. Thank goodness I'll get a break from it when we head to Spain for Christmas - that should be a blast. Especially roaming around the Mediterranean. We're headed to Barcelona first and then driving South West to Siruana. Has any one been to that area and can share some good pedaling routes?

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