Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I woke up this morning thinking about the pursuit. Ok, maybe the thrill of nationals hasn't worn completely off. I won't get to practice it again until next spring/summer. Bummer. In the meantime, the days are getting shorter and we are approaching the dark months.

The soup was AMAZING. I highly recommend it. And it's super cheap to make.

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Jimmy said...

wouldn't dreaming about the pursuit be more of a nightmare? i had one where i thoguth i was good at the pursuit so i was at a qualifier. i did a 6 minute 4k or something and it was really embarrasing. i'd say it was a nightmare.

and have you heard about the new team? team boyzclub presented by gregg's cycles. ryan, leif, grant, nick, yours truly and a few others. we are pretty much guaranteed to act like teenagers and call everyone that we're not freinds with a 'snuggler'. see ya!