Thursday, October 18, 2007

Liquid Sunshine

It's been raining for a few days now. It's only October and I'm beginning to wonder when there will be an end to this madness.

Interesting, when I searched "how much does it rain in seattle", Google pulled up Wickipedia's answer:

"One city that is known for rain is Seattle, Washington. Rain is common in the winter, but mostly the climate is cloudy with little rain. Seattle's average rainfall is 942 mm (37.1 inches) per year, less than New York City with 1173 mm (46.2 inches), but has 201 cloudy days per year (compared to 152 in New York). However, it should be noted that Seattle lies in the rain shadow of the nearby Olympic Mountains, with some locations on the windward sides of the mountains receiving close to 5080 mm (200 inches) per year."

AND, according to local weatherman Steve Pool,

"This year seemed to be all or nothing in the rainfall department. After starting the year with a very wet January (8.39 inches) and March (6.34 inches), Mother Nature put on the rain brakes for summer, and for the second year in a row, summer rains were well below normal. We only received 0.06 inches in July and 0.32 inches in August.

But Mother Nature can make it up in a hurry. We went from a dry 0.89 inches in September to a record 8.90 inches in October (including the record 5.02-inch rain day on Oct. 20.)

Put it all together, and we ended up with 41.21 inches of rain for the year, well above the average of 37.07 inches. But it was nowhere near our wettest year of 54.61 inches in 1950." (I think this is from last year...)

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Zana said...

201 cloudy days/year???!!!

Oh my god - I have got to move east of the rain forest!!