Saturday, October 20, 2007


Gotta love those long slow days.

Except it was slightly chilly out this morning - a brisk 45 with some rain showers. I decided to be a wimp and drive up to LogBoom to avoid the messy Burke. Boy am I glad I did.

We headed north through Bothell and ended up near Snohomish. Linda unfortunately broke her chain - the piece was completely warped. I've never seen that before. We tried fixing it to no avail and luckily Mark was around to come pick her up. Turns out the newer chains don't allow you to fix them by popping the pin in and out - you have to have a master pin. Strange. Who would have thought?

I don't know how I've put up with 3 wet riding winters - and to think, this is only the beginning of a new one. Fun times, fun times.

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