Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sweet! (As I pump my fist in the air)

My neighbors connection is back up and running tonight. That means I don't have to keep checking every hour to see if it's running or not. Yes, I fully admit I have a problem. And not having Internet all weekend? It made me feel helpless.

Went out to the peninsula this weekend with the TiLadies. We had a mini training camp which composed of one seriously long ass hilly ride around Mason Lake and part of the TST course. It was nice to do those hills again. They are long and steep - and a perfect reminder that I need to be able to put out some serious sustained power to make it up in one piece. 85 miles was good - but every muscle in the body started hurting for the last 12 miles. It was good to get some new terrain and mileage in - not to mention so team bonding.

Ryan headed to Whistler for the weekend. He said Jesse got so wasted he passed out on the dance floor. Crazy kid. His little sis Molly went with in my place and I'm sure they had a blast. I can't wait to hear their stories.

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