Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our pirated connection at home came to an end - and now I can't blog as much. Bummer. Suddenly it's Thursday and I haven't posted since Monday - whoa! Where does the time go?

I'm finally feeling better. YEAH! But poor Melinda is sick sick sick. I wish her a speedy recovery.

Let's see.... what's happening...... went to my first MVA Board meeting last night. It was good - they definitely need an active board. It'll be fun to contribute my efforts.

Tuesday night was great - went out with TGH and did some hills. I almost missed their departure but flagged them down at the last minute. We went up the shallow side of Cougar, then Tiger and finally back up Newport. Tiger was amazing - the road was lined with tall firs and the stars were out in full effect. It was mystical. We managed to get 4 flats that night - Izette had three! She and I both hit the same hidden pot hole - she double flatted and I got a rear flat. Some fireman pulled over and shined his lights so we could see - what a guy. We were all pooped by the time we got back to the car. Let the final building toward race season begin!

I ran into my dear friend Marika this morning at PCC. It was so good to see her! Dana is getting HUGE! Her first birthday is April 8. She'll be walking in no time.

My mom went down to Oregon because Jaimie was having labor pains and is due 1/29. She jumped the gun a little - the little one hasn't arrived yet. :)

That's all to report for now - time to go ride. Later, Jen

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