Sunday, January 07, 2007

6 Day

Just got home and put in a mammoth load of laundry. Phew - what a fun weekend!

Annette and I left Friday afternoon to get up to Burnaby and find about 6" of snow on the ground and covering the driveway up to the dome. Our little Golf rallied it - and we made it up and unloaded the car. I decided to park across the street so I could get out later and ended up walking through a puddle about 8" deep. Needless to say my shoes have been wet all weekend and now stink.

Our first race, and only race as it would turn out, was the Kierin. I can safely say I am now fully over my anxiety for that race. I went in with no expectations and ended up doing much better than the previous year. I can honestly say I think it's all the mental training I've been doing lately, not to mention the mileage put in. Shortly after our race they had to evacuate the building for fear of the dome caving in. Bummer! So we went to this really cool locals hang out with the Fast Twitch team and Gina Grain. I stayed the weekend with Glenn and Danielle not too far from the track.

I spent ALL day Saturday at the track. It got a little old. Poor Ryan - I can only imagine what he goes through sitting there and watching it without participating. I'm still working on him to get him in there. He'd be super good, I'm sure. My bike was locked up with Kenny and Annette's and they ended up coming much later in the day so I ended up borrowing a rental to ride with the novice women and get some spinning in. It was fun to help coach them and keep the pace a little higher and make them work harder.

Later that night I attempted a 80 lap B points race - and didn't last very long. Talk about a shock to the system. I had no problem keeping up with the women's intensity - but the men proved a little too much for me right now off the couch. Gina tore it up out there - she's in prime form for the upcoming World Cup.

I ended up 3rd in the Scratch race - not too shabby and Annette was 6th. It basically came down to a final move. Fun. Then we had an elimination to a scratch race and I placed 4th, Annette 3rd. Not bad for neither one of us having any anaerobic.

The men's Madison saw some drama - with a crash involving Dan, Tyler and some Canadian Symmetrics National team member. Poor Tyler and Dan both were picking splitters out of their booties. Ouch. It's really amazing to watch the Madison and see how chaotic it looks at first and then all come together at the end. It's fantastic to watch. Kenny and Tyler did well - they may have secured 2nd overall.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed back early. I decided to save my legs for our 50 lap points race and go down a gear to an 88". I managed some points early on in the race but then kept finding myself back behind the slower people. Dang it! I need to seed back in faster. It came down to Annette fighting for 2nd so I decided to give it all I had and lead her out. It might have been a little early - but with 5 laps to go, I started winding things up with her right behind me. I remember looking down and seeing 47 kph and then once I saw it drop down to 46, I yelled GO ANNETTE, GO! She easily won the final sprint with Jenny Tru right on her wheel but unable to come around. Nice work. Annette pulled 2nd and I had enough points to place 5th. We work really well together and I look forward to racing more with her.

Oh - and one more mention. They had a couple courier races on Saturday evening - and one poor girl showed her black thong the entire 30 lap race. It was hilarious! She definitely stole the show.

Thanks to Glenn and Danielle for letting me crash at there house....

Now back to wet winter training. It was great to have a break this weekend.

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