Monday, January 22, 2007

I woke up dreaming about the world cup. I imagined being there and feeling the excitement - and anxiety of competing at that level. And all this time while I was sick, I should of been working on my mental training. Once I came to - I picked up my Tao Sports book and read some chapters for inspiration and insight.

Often I've thought back to Nationals about the move I missed, the opportunity forgone, etc etc. The following excerpt really hit a chord...

"You can focus on that backhand volley you missed, on the strike you looked at, on the pass you dropped in the end zone, on the shot you blew at the buzzer, on your failure to surge the last two hundred meters of the race, on the putt you almost made. You can focus on th past and upcoming problems forever. But this will only put pressure on you and impede your concentration on the next move, play, or shot you make. The only way to make something positive happen is to focus on the present moment."

(Taken from Thinking Body, Dancing Mind by Huang and Lynch)

You have control over the here and now - and making the most of what you've got will make all the difference in the world. And don't forget to smile and make it look easy. :)

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Jimmy said...

hey, i freaking majored in making it look easy. . .or always doing it the hard way. i can never remember which.

either way, you need to forget about all this being sick or whatever and start to focus on ghost ridin the whip. i know i'm about 8 months behind the trend on this but i think it's hilarious!