Sunday, May 15, 2005

Wipped out

Dude. Talk about being tired.

Worked it this weekend - the end of a three week build cycle. Boy am I stoked - and more stoked then I actually show - how excited I am to relax this week. My body is tired - from about my waist down - and my mind is exhausted too.

In retrospect - I would have taken Thursday off from Seward. However, my fitness is that much stronger now. The TT was good - 9th place with 26.08 and 4th in the crit, 15th in the RR with a 9th place overall. Melinda rocked the house with 7th place in the RR and 10th overall. A very commendable effort.

My legs were pretty heavy in the TT and then during the RR. They felt pretty solid for the crit - but with only 20 minutes it was either collect the preme or go for the gold. I won $40 - but didn't get the points overall to shoot me up in the Omnium. Oh well - lessons learnt.

Hills - I must get faster on the climb. I know I have the mental endurance - but I need to work on the climbing to be unstoppable. UNSTOPPABLE.

Ok - now I'm really delirious - bed time for me. Happy birthday my friend. Great party.

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