Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mellow Ride

It was really nice out this evening. We did a short 1.5 hour spin down to Boeing and back. The legs are feeling good. One more day of spinning and then vrrroooooommmmm. I'm looking forward to State. Should be fun.

I felt like my handling skills improved a lot since early this week. I am able to take corners much faster and apex the angles even better. Excellent - things are coming along.

On a side note - I'm meeting with the Larabar marketing director tomorrow. Kristin referred him - I called and spoke with him for a while. Then he called Joyce and she told him she has time to talk in 2 weeks. Is that blowing him off or what? I made an executive decision to meet with him any way tomorrow night and have a conversation. That should be interesting. He mentioned free product....

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