Monday, May 02, 2005

Sprint adjustment

Excellent work out today. It feels like things are coming along with the sprint. I'm very happy that I still have things to work on - it keeps me motivated and wanting to get out there day after day. Like you said, the bike tracking will come with time. I'm looking forward to that day.

Even though I only did one hill effort - I think that's where I learned the most today. I could really feel the fluidity of the pedal stroke. It's coming along - now the trick will be able to apply that same motion on the flats. It was also great learing the lead outs - thank you for that.

Now if I can just get my bike worked on...

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Coach said...

ah, you are going good- doing the hill sprints let's you really feel the pedal stroke and is what I think the best exercise for developing power on the bike- as close to weight lifting as you can get on the bike