Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's funny how... life now revolves around cycling. Not just a little - but a lot. I enjoy each minute of it.

The TT was good - it's all about a hammerfest and how long one can endure at a super fast/above threshold pace. I'm still fine tuning it but have been able to put my mind in the same spot as before and just go for it. I like TT's. They are a true testament to how much power you can put out - they say to the world - this is how I cycle. But there's also something to be said for road racing -suffering in numbers. Wouldn't being a strong TTrialist translate to some of the best riders? Sure there's a tactical aspect but if it came down to a TT... then may the stronger woman win. And I hope and pray that it's me. :)

Ryan mentioned minimizing the overall distance traveled. Perfect example - corners. Taking the shortest line mathematically and using the power in correlation to it. Hmmm... something new to think about for the next tt.

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