Friday, October 28, 2016

Bathing Suits vs Puffy Jacket Sales

It's been 80 degrees the past week. Sure it's chilly in the mornings but nowhere close to freezing. Since they've been keeping track of weather patterns in the Denver area, we've only had 19 other October's where it hasn't snowed by now. Today the sky is various shades of grey yet the temperature outside read 67 at 7:30am. Last I checked it was late, late October.

I wonder how the lack of cold weather affects clothing sales. We've notice our Tucson camp has few entrants - probably because everyone is riding this wave of warm weather as long as possible before waving the white flag to the cold winter weather. I just erased the 14th email from Patagonia about cold weather jackets with mega sales. Puffy jackets are the farthest thing from my mind.

All that to say - know your audience. Know what environmental factors are influencing your targeted audience. Adjust your message, adjust what you're selling. Get creative about what you're offering here and now and see what resonates.

I wonder how bathing suit and outdoor furniture sales in Colorado are doing? Why not boast a closeout sale and take advantage of this lingering warm weather?

Dolly down! All that's missing - a swim suit.

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