Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When It's Time: Live Your Passion

Do you know when it's time?

Time to create, time to be bold, time to express your authentic self? What holds you back from stretching, reaching, and or exceeding boundaries? What helps you get there?

Are you out of touch on how to allow that expression? Are you ready to reprogram yourself? To do your thing against a sea of processes, of constant continuous movements, of repetitious approaches and attitudes, of feeling like you're stuck. To one day in the not so distant future, look back on your work and realize that you were so engrossed in the process that it dawns on you - you figured out how to stop time.

Are you setting yourself up for success to do these things? Or are you sabotaging your efforts? Do you listen to the cynics, critics and haters when you know all it takes is one person to believe in you. That person is you.

Have you found your passion? The light that ignites you to contribute your very best. That keeps you coming back for more, despite setbacks and challenges. A passion that connects you to a tribe of other like-minded people. How are you living it? Do you want to live it more?

Be honest with yourself. Be bold and take risks. Have the courage to face failure and fear and celebrate unexpected outcomes. Bring those contributions back to your tribe and watch it inspire others. Surround yourself with a strong, resilient, positive and supportive people.

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