Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Balancing Act

Balance. We all need it.

Anytime I need to be reminded of the beauty of balance, I head to Garden of the Gods' to ride by my favorite landmark: Balance Rock.

Tourists flock to the area, often poised underneath one of the balance points to show how they contribute to the rocks balance. But take those people away, and the rock balances well on its own, as it has and as it will continue to.

Everyone has their unique balance point. It comes in as many shapes and forms as there are people in the world. Each sense of balance is linked to core values and how you've aligned your life to them. Friends and family, career, recreation, love and relationships, physical environment, money, health, and personal growth - to name a few. It's all part of who we are.

So when you find yourself feeling out of balance and ready to topple, take a step back. Look at your life as a whole. Figure out where the imbalance is coming from and take action to improve it. There are helpers along the way that can give you new perspectives and challenges if you feel stuck. But ultimately it's up to you to make the change.

Ready to start living that balanced life of your dreams? I'm ready to help. Please contact me.

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