Sunday, October 07, 2012


I'm reading a book about linchpins. For those unfamiliar, linchpins used figuratively, are something that hold the various elements of a complicated structure together. It's also a great metaphor to describe indispensable people. Ones who break the mold of factories and add enormous value to organizations because they bring creativity and humanity into what they do.

Seth Godwin, author of "Linchpin" argues that the factory age is over. Producing commodities with interchangeable pieces, as well as cog machine workers, is a thing of the past. Consumers seek out the best price with the most human connection. In a market flooded with cheap commodities and lower prices, what sets companies apart from one another? Linchpins.

Still confused? Try this on:

I can't get fired from the Market. I've traveled extensively, for months at a time. I've tried giving a letter of resignation, expressing my dissatisfaction in working a job they assigned me. I up and left to London with zero notice, and still had a job when I returned. Instead of firing me, they put me back in the Market, working directly with customers and raising my pay. Baffled? Me too.

Recently I discovered my calling - life coaching and helping others live the life of their dreams. The training is extensive and requires travel for long weekends during the busiest season for retail. My decision: continue working a $10 an hour job or pursue the life of my dreams. That was a tough one. When I brought the additional travel up to the new owner, ready to give notice if it came down to it, I was taken back when he didn't say no right away. It stretched him. It made him examine my value as a contributor to the company.

The next day he told me to book my flights. And they'll work around my schedule when I'm in town.

Linchpin. I am indispensable.

Ironic, isn't it? In a country full of unemployment, I can't lose a job to save my life.

So, how does this relate to you, dear reader? Ask yourself the following question: are you indispensable? And if not, do you want to become indispensable?

I'm going to take it a step further and say that simply following the life of your dreams, taking risks, taking the path less traveled, living life full of abundance and balance - simply put: BEING YOU makes you indispensable. That not fitting into a box, conforming to societal norms and continuing to work as a cog in the machine will free you. Free you to live a life beyond what's imaginable. What once seemed far stretched and impossible is now something you can make reality. Your reality. Move beyond the old paradigm. Create change. Live change. Be the linchpin.

That might sound scary, outrageous and thrilling all at the same time. But you can do it. Take action. Surround yourself with supportive linchpins in life. It will stretch you beyond preconceived possibilities. You're hired to live to the life of your dreams.

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