Sunday, March 11, 2012

The pack

I know a long face when I see one and Moonli's tonight is no exception. But this time instead of Benjamin being the one to go on far away adventures, we both are. Down under to be exact. We planned a little vacation a few months ago using air miles and hotel travel points, and which just so happens to coincide with the opener for Formula One. Twist my arm, please.

The day whirled by - filled with bike racing up in Boulder and then some car travel back down to the springs. It's strange being in a new bike community and only knowing a few souls. But racing is racing as soon as that whistle blew I was in the mode. Things went okay - I remember how to push myself but I forgot to want the win. Unfortunately there's no excuse for that - so I must try harder next time. The first race of the season is over, and for that I'm thankful. And as soon as Pikes Peak came into view, I stopped beating myself up and a smile spread. That there is one purdy mountain.  Big picture: it's only a bike race.

Tomorrow begins a long day of travel - 32 hours to be exact. The dog sitter (Brian - thank you!) has been briefed, the bikes packed, the kits washed and I'm more than ready to hit the sheets.

I can't wait to explore that big ass island....

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