Saturday, March 10, 2012

On a roll

"Dude, you haven't stopped smiling this week," a friend quirked on the group ride today. No, no I haven't. I go to bed smiling and wake up smiling, everyday. I can't help it. The serious dose of vitamin D, surrounding myself with positive people, riding my bike a bazillion miles a day, and with spring well on its way - has that effect on me. I'm even smiling while I write this.

Oh, and it might have to do with the fact that Benjamin is home.

Bottom line though: being the master of your own destiny and setting your life up exactly how you want to live it is rad. I am a big advocate of figuring out what will make you happy and then striving for it. Want to write more? Do it. Want to start painting? Do it. Want to cook/laugh/run/play/explore/adventure/live? DO IT.  Life is too long not to. Got a new habit you'd like to form? A new spin on things? Well guess what? You can absolutely start working on what you want today. It's all about setting priorities. And figuring out what distractions or obstacles are in your way. Once you identify them you can start problem solving and figuring out ways to make them work. And then you can take action and empower yourself to do what ever it is you want to do.

Want to move to Colorado? Done.
Want to write a book? Working on it.
Want to stop biting your fingernails? Done.
Want to train full time and be the best cyclist you can be? Doing it.
Want to live life to the fullest? YES!

This week, I identified that I am ready to write more. I'm ready to explore the local mountains more. I'm ready to balance my life by being outdoors half of the day and feel the wind on my skin, the sun in my eyes and the beating of my heart. My short term distractions include cleaning off my kitchen table, setting a timer for housework, just saying no to Facebook and making writing a priority. And guess what? As soon as I did that cheesy grin of mine spread from ear to ear. I have more time to do the things I love and feel way more productive.

Don't beat yourself up though if something you want seems impossible to obtain. Or that maybe you tried to do something and failed. Sometimes you need those failures to help you pinpoint exactly what you want. Keep at it and start small. Next thing you know those cumulative changes will add up.  And when you take things into your own hands and be your own master, it opens you up to more possibilities..... (falling in love, buying a house, getting a cool job, traveling, etc.)

"You're always smiling," commented a customer in the Market last night. "It's infectious and makes everyone around you smile too."

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Marika Reinke said...

When I think of you, this first thing I think of is your smile Jenn. It is contagious and a wonderful reminder of all the joy in life. They are all lucky to share it with you.