Thursday, March 08, 2012

Let's do this.

Spring is in the air. Not only is the temperature starting to warm up consistently, but things are starting to bud and growth is gaining momentum. My life feels spring like too. Winter hibernation is coming to an end, hours spent indoors, trainer rides and lots of projects complete, I'm ready to get back to writing. I'm ready to shed the cocoon of winter and bust out - setting new goals and tasks to accomplish. I'm putting down my library books and sharpening my pencil.

I feel more able and ready now to accomplish my goals than in January. I think someone should rethink that goal setting time and align it with the spring equinox. I bet more people would stick with their resolutions.

I'm ready to get back to what I love: writing. I want to get out in the woods on a daily basis. The mountains are calling my name and they are so close I could throw a rock and hit them.  It's time to get  my hands dirty with soil, playing with the dogs and exploring. It's time to remove the power from the daily distractions and spending more time doing the things I love.

Routines are hard to break. It is so easy to put things off and not make time for the things you love unless you are already in the habit. Take my kitchen table for example. While home alone, I let things pile up. And it's not that anything in that pile needs immediate attention yet it distracts me from getting things done. It creates clutter where I want clarity. It only took 3 minutes to clear the table off and put things away. But as soon as I did I felt instantly better. Silly, but it feels like I gained some of my own power back. That by a simple act of de-cluttering my kitchen table, I'm ready to make new habits and discard the ones that way me down.

It's the little baby steps that set you up for success when you're attempting long term goals. So clean off that "kitchen table" - figure out what you want to do with your day and get after it.

Next up: a hike up to Section 16.

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