Sunday, February 05, 2012

My Secret...

Every now and then my body and mind craves mountain time. Being surrounded by peaks larger than life, with their unique weather systems and unmatched beauty brings a sense of calmness in my life. It grounds me in ways that some may not understand but others totally get. I could spend hours, if not days upon lifetimes staring out at their vistas. Spending time outdoors leaves me refreshed, clear headed and ready to tackle where ever my journey may take me next.

Today's drive to Keystone gave me 2.5 hours of uninterrupted listening of several podcasts.  I'm inquisitive about metaphysics, the unanswered questions in life, the big picture thinking and how to manifest your own destiny. I've always been, even as a kid. But lately I can't get enough on the subject. I'm whizzing through books, spending hours reading on the web, writing a ton and really doing some exploration on the subject. And I'm not the only one - weeding through the iTunes library of "intuitive" topics was a little overwhelming. But I immediately found some gems and they sparked fantastic trains of thought, affirmations and even "hey, that's exactly what I do!" comments. Funny, they just kind of came to me.

If you haven't heard about this guy, you have now. Dr. John DeMartini. He has inspired millions of people as a healer and was dyslexic as a child and now has authored hundreds of books. "You're the master of your destiny, the captain of your ship."

Sound familiar?

Oprah's on it too:

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