Friday, February 17, 2012

I love Colorado.

The mountains are calling to me again - urging me to explore and play in them. Each day I wake up in the shadow of Pikes Peak and smile inwardly and outwardly, its beauty striking. I absolutely love it here.  I've created a perfect balance of outward expression and inward reflection and the days pass with amazing harmony and clarity. To have this gift, to know how much I'm living in the present, embracing life as it happens, is so fulfilling.

It took ten years. Ten years of talking about moving to the mountains, being pulled and lured by its beauty, and now I have arrived. I am living life exactly how I want to be living it - simply, harmoniously, and with so much love. I am surrounded by beauty that reflects my soul and makes me feel so connected. I ride through its peaks and valleys and observe all that is going on around me. I am excited by all of the opportunities and experiences to live and still need to be pinched daily as a reminder that this isn't a dream. This is real.

May you all find that place and live there. I found it in Colorado.

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