Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bike Love

The sun shone brightly today. It lifted my spirits after a week of clouds and snow, and hours upon hours of trainer time in the basement. I did a little rearranging, a little planning and those lactic threshold repeats were completed outside on the shallow side of Gold Camp, in the bright warm sun. As I climbed, my smile spread, or at least on the inside it did. To the outside world, it was certainly a grimace. The deer along side the road my fan club, my computer showing my target power numbers and my mind willing my body to do it. Synchronicity.

If I can't spend the day with my sweetie, then spending on the bike is a nice alternative. And spending it outdoors, breathing fresh air, soaking in the views during my recovery between sets - ahhhhhh. The new bike is pretty sweet.

Things are busy right now. I'm working a random schedule at the Market, fitting in my three workouts a day, walking the dogs, getting some writing and reading done and staying busy as the days tick by. After a few short weeks at the Market they asked if I would be interested in a more serious role with the company... more details on that to come shortly.

Hopefully tomorrow the sun will poke out and I'll get some more quality time outdoors on the bike. I hope your day was full of love, like mine was. And with that, I leave you with some Moonli love.

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