Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's still winter...

Snow storm: 2. Jennifer: 0.

This morning I headed out early to get a 3.5 hour ride in before work. I checked the weather and with a 20% chance of rain and wind in the afternoon, I figured my best chance of rolling on pavement was going to be with the early birds. Sure I'd be fighting a little bit of the morning commute. But this is Colorado Springs, after all and their traffic pales in comparison to Seattle. A few clouds hugged Cheyenne Mountain but didn't seem like anything to worry about.

I headed North, toward Black Forest and passed kids waiting for their school bus. I love riding early. Getting a massive workout done before 11am just starts the day off right. But this morning I could feel something lurking over my shoulder. A couple glances behind me revealed the same cloud patterns hugging the front range. I completed both lactic threshold intervals and debated lengthening my ride but then I realized what was lurking. Dark, omnious clouds that were only over Cheyenne were now along the entire front range. The wind was blowing something fierce and I had one option: RUN.

I ended up adding another Super LT interval as I pedaled as fast and furious south as I could. But the wall of clouds still hit, and instead of bringing rain, they brought snow. But not the wet stuff you'd find in Seattle. No, this is the light sugar stuff that dusted the roads. And just when I was ready to pull over, call a cab and finish the remainder of my workout on a trainer, the clouds blew overhead, heading East, and the sun popped out, the pavement dried up and overhead clear blue sky.  What the?

I shook my head, amazed at what just happened. I still had roughly two hours to complete, so I headed South toward Cheyenne. About 40 minutes from the end of my ride, more dark clouds started to build. I had two options: head home and call it a day or HTFU and ride through another squall. I know one way to keep warm: climb. So up the canyon I went. The wind pushed me hard, adding resistance and time to my ride. And while thoughts of giving up when the going got tough crossed my mind, I fought hard. And I came home, fired up a hot shower and promptly fell back asleep.

Some days you have to ride through storms to accomplish your goals. And those days, the ones where you struggle, face fears and prevail are the ones that make the journey worth it.

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