Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple life.

Where did the week go? Or for that matter, where has January gone?

Time flies when you're busy. And when you're boyfriend returns home from travels afar. I love having him here and spend as much time together as possible, just being. He leaves in a week for another three week bout of world cups and training - Spain, London, Argentina... the life of Riley, no? All that to say, somethings get put off. Or rather, re-prioritized.

And let's be honest: I'm really good at letting distractions do their job of distracting. But even though it might be a week before I post something here, I constantly think about it. About things I observe, the funny encounters experienced, the questions it makes me ask, the things I can't quite put my finger on and the moments of extreme clarity. They're still happening, they're always happening. The world keeps spinning.

I also landed a job last week at Garden of the Gods Gourmet. It's a catering gig that has a flexible schedule and is probably the best job a full time training (and not sponsored) cyclist could have. Everyday I walk into work the aromas immediately make my mouth water. The chefs are passionate and you can smell it first, then taste it if you're lucky. The place buzzes every morning of people creating what they do best and I get to deliver it to happy customers.

I'm also walking dogs. Two Border Collies named Jake and Cooper. Jake's ten years old, and Cooper an eight month puppy.  Two jobs, two dogs at home, a house to keep, a book to write, training to complete, a man to love and Mario Kart Wii to play... my simple life just got a little less simple. Would I trade it? Not for anything.

I almost forgot! We're going to Melbourne in March!!!! Formula One kicks off the season there and I'm going to do some late summer crits around the city. All those far away destinations build up some serious air miles and so this one's on United.


Michelle Stiles said...

Nice gig! It is wonderful to be around creative people, doing what they love. Life in the mountains sounds great!

James said...

:). That's one good life!!!