Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Go get it.

My old neighbor Shawn from Seattle came and visited me today. His brother had kid-let numero uno up in Fort Collins so he took the day today to head down to Colorado Springs to visit. Not one to sit idle, especially on such a warm Colorado winter day, I dragged him up the Incline. It gains 2,000 feet in a mile. It’s a stair master on a mountain.

Shawn warned me he was out of shape and that since he started working on wind turbines he’s had little cardio. That and he’s picked up smoking again. And been doing his fair share of drinking. No matter though, as I was determined to get his butt up in the mountains and help him realize that there are amazing places to live in this world that promote better health. That being in Seattle though comfortable, is actually sucking the soul out of him. Those grey sky’s suck the very life out of you and from being here in the winter, being infinitely happy with a big old dose of sunshine every day, I’m happy to say that I made the move.

It was good to see him. Even if he couldn’t talk for more than half the hike. He was winded and we took our time by stopping every now and then. Makiah even made the trek and we thought she was going to be his handicap. Turns out she is in better shape than most at 108 years old! Although her low clearance proved to me once again that I must shave her come summer. And I’m thankful to have moved out of the mountains in Manitou and more into the city, or at least further away from the red dirt.

It’s been five months since I first moved here and we talked about some of the goals we had both set for ourselves back then. Public speaking, writing, getting into the media aspect of communications, becoming a life coach. All things that I still think about and know would be kick ass if I pursued them. It also helped me realize that I do have a big impact on those around me. That some of my notions and ideas are not just blowing smoke up people’s asses. I’m actively pursuing them and making the life I dream of. I’m taking action and doing the thing that I say I’m going to do. That I’m not waiting for life to pass me by but rather grabbing life by the horns and hanging on for the ride of my life. You should try it sometime. Amazing things happen when you do.

Following your heart and being true to yourself takes guts. It takes passion. It takes trust and it takes determination. Not to mention patience, perseverance, and focus. It takes resolve, discipline and sheer grit at times. It takes looking something comfortable in the eye and telling yourself that you’re not happy settling. That you want something better. That you know it’s out there and you’re not going to give up until you get it.

Funny how this timing coincides now with the everyone’s annual list of new years resolutions. For me, resolutions never go away. They are there throughout the entire year. But they are different then most. They have nothing to do with changing myself, not to lose weight, eating healthy, becoming a vegan or try a new thing. No, they are way more complicated then that. My resolutions are to continue following my heart, being patient, and trusting myself. Something that must be there every day. Something that is there every day.

The mind is a powerful thing. Challenge yourself and set goals. Dream big and write them down. Take steps to strive towards them. Don’t give up. Go get it. It’s yours for the taking.

PS My book due date is coming FAST!!!! Nothing like a deadline to whip me into shape. Mario Kart Wii must wait…

PPS MAD props to Kari Studley for winning a National title at cross nationals! You GO GIRL!!!

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Love you Jen and everything you do!