Monday, January 16, 2012

The Escape Artists

I ducked into the locker room to grab my book for a post-weight spin at the gym and noticed my phone blinking. Shirley, my neighbor had left a message saying she just saw the humane society picking up a furry gray dog that might be Makiah, but she can't be sure.

Uh oh.

I thought I latched the gate but maybe Houdini got out of the yard. I figured I might as well complete my workout, if the little pooch is in the pound then at least I know she's safe. Besides, I only had 15 minutes left on the stationary bike.

I kept playing it over in my head, certain I had closed the gate. But with the wind out in full force today, it very well could be blown open. Nah, it must be some other poor dog.

Nevertheless, as I raced home, I noticed a Humane Society truck parked a couple of blocks up the street. I pulled in the driveway, opened the back door, whistled and knew immediately something was wrong. But what's worse- Moonli escaped too. I grabbed their leashes and took off in a sprint down the block, hopeful the officer had my kids, I mean dogs.

He asked me to describe them and confirmed that yes, he's got them in the back. Someone saw them out and about and called on Moonli first. Apparently big black dogs get a lot of attention. He was found a 1/2 block down the street and Makiah in the driveway. The kicker though - it's going to cost me $95 to make bail. Had I not caught the officer before heading down to the slammer, it would have been double.

Moonli, the ever goofy dog, was happy to see me and not alarmed at all that he was in dog jail. Makiah on the other hand was panting and shaking like a leaf. Those little stinkers. I'm not sure but I think they were a little freaked out because I went into a cleaning frenzy this morning since Benjamin gets home tonight. Maybe they thought I had left them or something and they wanted to come with me? Regardless, they saw the gate open and figured they'd come looking for me. Instead I got to post bail.

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