Thursday, November 17, 2011


They lie hidden beneath the bed.
They lurk behind a closed cabinet, waiting.
They spring up on you when you least expect it and grab hold so tight it feels like they may never release their grip.

We all have them. The little monsters of self doubt. The demons of self destruction. The wizards that freeze you to inaction.

Why do they hold such power over us?

And why is it the closer you get to a goal, especially big ones, the monsters rear up louder than before? Testing your strength and will to accomplish what you set out to do. Do you listen to them? Do you heed what they say? Or do you take what they say and make it work for you? Do you go somewhere that summons more strength so you can stare those monsters straight in the eye and let them know they hold no power over you?

My personal monsters flared up the other day. The one's that insist I get a serious job. That insist I stop doing what I love and am passionate about all in the name of conventional "happiness." And in the moment when those voices are loudest, they're hard to ignore. But after the simple passage of time, they die down. I regain my strength. I visit powerful places in my head and exorcise what ever may be left.

I am doing what I love. I am living in this moment and I am happy deep down in my bones.

What are your monsters? And how do you fight them?


Michelle Stiles said...

Heavy. It is important to always check your intentions while moving full steam ahead, moving with intent takes conviction. I don't have words for my monster, I battle it but yet come to terms with what shape it takes. That is all part of life and living it to the fullest.

mariselaTRi said...

LOVE this post.. as always :)
But this one is so true. And I was just there, same situation, for the last month. Specially in the last two weeks the MONSTER was full strength. Well, maybe cause i was in the OFF days. OFF-Season is tough! So the Monster was taking full advantage of that. But since Monday that i slowly got back into training. is A LOT BETTER :) thats my weapon! to kill the Monster! so i think it has weaken a lot by now. For sure by the end of the week will be dead! :) ..crazy thing, is that the Monster that has been lurking around here, must be relative of yours! hehe ..yeap! cause he had this same idea, of i SHOULD 'stop doing what i love so much' and instead go get a real job, maybe 2 or 3, and become one day just a workaholic CEO or something..!!! ..dumb MONSTER!
here check this out, is inspiring! (video) and will help to fight the monster :)