Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dare to dream.

As I age, my purpose on this planet becomes more and more clear. As I discover who I really am, what makes me happy, what I love to do, what I feel passionate about, what makes me tick - I start to realize those dreams I had as a little kid are coming true.

It can be hard to admit what those dreams are.

(Cue Monster music....) What if someone thinks they're silly? Who cares! What if I can't make them come true? Won't you always wonder if you don't at least try? Am I afraid of failure or success for that matter? Wouldn't you rather risk happiness then be stuck unhappy for the rest of your life?

I'm about to do something crazy. 

I'm going to share with all of you my childhood dreams.

Drum roll, please........

I dream of being a professional athlete.
I dream of being a motivational speaker.
I dream of being a writer.
I dream of helping others admit their dreams and go for them with gusto.

There. I said it.

If you don't admit your dreams, if you don't take a risk and go for it - then you'll never know if they can become a reality. So, what are your dreams?


Lisa said...

Hey, I found your blog via another cycling blog. Love it! My dream is to write a book..someday. For now, journal & magazine articles are a good intermediate step! Enjoy CO.

mariselaTRi said...

and so true.. is hard to say out loud all those DREAMS we DARE to even think about.. once back since we were kids! and they still bouncing inside our heads! NEVER GIVING UP ON THEM!!! NEVER STOP CHASING THOSE DREAMS!!!
Thanks for sharing this post. Its a great reminder and very motivational to me, so to with courage write those DREAMS down and stick a big note in my wall, fridge, or website, or even blog about it in the future! :)
And from yours, i dont know if you have accomplish them all, but for sure you are pretty close! if not exactly at it... and as far as "I dream of helping others admit their dreams and go for them with gusto" ...i can confirm that one you are accomplishing through all the posts you write here! ..i am one of those 'helping others' :) who has benefited from reading all your 'nonsense' yet inspirational writing!!! hehe :)) ..just kidding ;) ..all makes tons of sense and is very cool read :)
THANKS.. for wanting to help others, inspired them, into admit their DREAMS and to go for them with passion!!! ..just the same (we read) you do :)
Keep Chasing Your Dreams!