Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Back at it.

I've missed this weariness.

You know, where you wake up in the morning and your body aches from the physical punishment you gave it yeterday. The legs feel like they just need a good stretch and about eighteen gallons of water. My triceps and lats, which haven't been used in a long, long time are reminding me they are still attached to my body. And still have the ability to scream at me.

And that burning inferno? The one that demands constant fueling? The monster has been awakened from its deep slumber.

My seemingly endless energy from before - the one where I decide that no project is too big, where painting my bedroom is completed in less then a week - yeah, that's gone. And I'm pretty tickled about it. As it turns out, I love being a bike racer. And although getting those pesky house projects done is beyond rewarding, I'd much rather let the daily routine of 3+ hours of training consume my free time and demand that I rest from it.


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