Wednesday, February 09, 2011

And just when you think you've got it together...

I was working away yesterday, syncing up my calendars, making sure the queen of double booking doesn't double book, when I noticed some birthdays coming up. I saw Lincoln's birthday marked on the calendar on 2/12 and thought, ah ha! I'll be a good friend and send my buddy Lincoln birthday wishes before the day.

I am on it!

I send him an email, let him know I was thinking of him; something about another year older, blah blah blah, birthday cake, etc. Bottom line - it was super well intentioned.

A few hours later I get this response: "Sorry to bust you, but Feb 12 is Abe Lincoln's Bday. Mine is June 12. In grade school, kids would give me cards on 2/12 & I'd get pissed & chase em around the playground."

Hahahahaha. Whoops! Sorry Linc! And happy birthday Abe.

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