Monday, January 31, 2011


Timing is everything.

On a recent flight, I was in the dreaded last priority seating to board the plane. Seat 29C, the back of the bus. The flight was full, the over head bins crammed to max capacity and my eyes and body groggy from a way too early wake up call. I see an empty seat in the back of the plane with my name on it. The guy sitting in the middle seat is wedged in there - and not because he is over weight by any means, but because he is a large man. Funny, the sardine section in the back of the plane uncomfortably seats anyone over 5'9". He's probably 6'4"?

Despite my weariness, we strike up a conversation. Turns out this guy could be my long lost brother. He works in a family run business, traveling North American installing telecommunication infrastructure. We're the exact same age. We're both middle children. We both tore our ACL's in high school, see the world through a glass half full perspective and pretty much hit it off. The topper though came when the flight attendant gets on the intercom and tells people that the seat belt sign is still illuminated for our "safety and comfort". His response? Why is everybody so concerned about our "safety and comfort?" Why are there so many rules? And rules on rules? And rules on top of rules on top of rules?

My eyes lit up, I looked right at him and asked, "you break the rules too?" Oh, yeah. Brother! It's so good to run into you!

Turns out in a world full of people, there are others out there who think like you, act like you, and break the rules too. The trick is just timing running into them. Good luck at your next project Nick!

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