Tuesday, January 18, 2011


You know that training thing? That kept me busy for 20 hours a week, and then off my feet for the remainder? Turns out when you don't train that much you don't eat as much and you have A LOT more time on your hands. (Not to mention the grocery bill savings!)

And what do you do with that much more time on your hands? Tend to the normal stuff... find new iTunes, clean out your basement, wax skis, visit your cabin and do some updating, skate ski for 30k without stopping, oh and paint your bedroom while listening to said iTune updates REALLY REALLY loudly. No rest for the wicked, eh?

New favorites: LCD Soundsystem, Massive Attack, Adele, People Under the Stairs.

Oh but it feels good, really good to stop talking about something and just doing it. No more thinking, just implementation. Good bye dark purple bedroom. To think - Ryan and I painted it that color 10 years ago at 22... time for some updates, that's for sure. Plus what else am I supposed to do with all this energy and that many dark hours?

It sure did help to have two people. It takes me twice as long, but oddly I'm okay with that. Maybe those paint fumes are starting to get to me.

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