Monday, January 24, 2011

Face plants are good for the soul

On Saturday, my Hagens Berman teammates Liz, Julie, Ali and I, headed up to the Mt. Baker ski area to access incredible back country skiing. We got an early start of 12:30pm, and proceeded to skin up near the Heather Meadows day lodge. The visibility was something to be desired - with white outs fading in and out of view. We skinned up (for those who aren't familiar - you put on a directional skin on the bottom of your ski, allowing you to hike uphill and not slip backward) for about an hour before stopping and eating a bite. Meanwhile, Mt. Baker faded in and out of breath taking view and reminding us that we are mere ants in the grand scheme of things.

After lunch, we skinned a little higher and then scouted the best line we could given the flat light. Liz opted for the straight down, aggressive line while the rest of us bailed and took the sissy way out. As soon as we traversed the sketchy part, the bowl opened up and had awesome powder turns. I went second, and as luck would have it, started windmilling, nearing staying up right and then took a dramatic face plant whilst giggling the entire way. I knew it was going to happen - it was just a matter of time. And still chuckling from my blunder, traveled about 10 more feet down, I ate it again. Thankfully the pow-pow provided a soft pillow and I was happy to refresh myself with some snow in my jacket, glasses, hat, and pants. Good times! I'm still laughing about it.

The truth of the matter is - face plants are good for the soul. And it also means I was trying hard. Ha!

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