Friday, May 28, 2010

You know your an ahtlete when...

You mow your lawn at random hours. Like 7:45pm last night. Between rain showers and before lawn pick up day.

Your dining room looks like a bike staging area. Yesterday I had 4 bikes surrounding my dining table - no room to eat dinner but plenty of eye candy to drool over. The table was covered in track gears, bike bags, chains, scrabble, gels, sunglasses, and other random bike stuff.

Your kitchen looks like a hurricane hit it. Seriously, who has time for dishes?

Your washer and dryer run non-stop in attempt to keep up with the flux of dirty chamois.

My rollers are in the living room - ready to hop on in a moment's notice. And they haven't moved all week.

When you turn on the tele - the only station that matters comes up - Universal Sports. The television gods are smiling on me since I don't have cable but I get this station for free through my bunny ears.

Any attempts to take the four bikes to the basement, where they belong, is met with bringing more gear upstairs. Along with the 4 bikes, I also have 2 extra sets of wheels. One for track, one for road.

Thank goodness my housemate doesn't come home from Denali for another week. I'm having my own expedition in my house!

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Anonymous said...

I have my bike trainer in the living room too, with all this BULLSHIT rain I've been using it a lot. Except for a wet, muddy ride on Sunday. So much better after a bike-fit!! Miss you!