Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I often wonder if I'm border line type two. I battle keeping my blood sugar levels up and bonk more often than my training partners and competitors. At first I thought it was diet and nutrient timing - which I think might be part of the issue - but the longer I'm in this sport and the more low blood sugar crashes I experience, I'm beginning to seriously wonder.

Yesterday I stocked up on bike nutrition - stuff that will prevent me from bonking out at the track. Last Friday's session was a reminder how different fueling for track is vs. road training and racing. One bad training session can be mentally devastating. I had no spring in the legs, no jump in my giddy up and had to ax the effort short due to extreme bonkage. I recall feeling frustrated at not being able to do another 500m full on effort - but I simply couldn't do it. Last year, with Jennie's help, I kept a crate in the back of my car stocked full of bars and chocolate milks - a sure fire way to prevent the crash. Funny how you forget things come spring...

I'd give you my secret training foods - but then I'd have to kill you. If you're really interested then give me a shout. Let's just say I'm following what diabetics use for low blood sugar and it works really well on the bike, especially during these short hard training sessions.

Today we've got a nice group headed out to Marymoor - should be fun! And hard work.

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Gilby said...

I don't know if you've ever had your thyroid checked, but I'm convinced of a connection between blood sugar and thyroid. My blood sugar has been much more stable since starting on hypothyroid medication.