Monday, May 24, 2010

I've forgotten what it feels like to ride in warmer weather. I don't mean to complain or anything but it hasn't gotten out of the 50s for the past week now. I'm still wearing winter tights, booties, full fingered gloves and hats to stay warm. The joints are feeling achy and I'm noticing a manic aura enveloping the city... too much gray and not enough Vitamin D!

Enough of that pity party and onto the good news.... Friday was my first track race of the season and it was great! Due to threatening rain, temps in the 40s and a big stage race the following day, the usual turn out was quite low. We had two fields - a cat 4 men's field and everybody else. First up - a 12 lap scratch race. I positioned myself well and found it easy to match the accelerations. Pekke took off with 3 laps to go, and I found myself dangling in no- man's land trying to bridge up. I nearly pulled off second until I got passed at the line by a group of guys. Our last race was a Miss and Out - my favorite! I positioned myself well behind a group of guys who were just riding it tempo. I'd make a move to come around right at the line, then fall back in behind them. Soon we were down to 5 - and I got caught up in a little traffic so when Pekke made another acceleration, I got boxed in. No worries though - the guy I was with was happy to pace me in and I took him for the sprint for 3rd. Then it started dumping.

It felt good to be out there again, despite the cold. I love racing my bike! And am excited with the progress I've made during the off season for my in season fitness. Those boys are in trouble!

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